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About The Story

Oh my!!! What an unexpected adventure for Hugzbie the curious little hedgehog, one that would take him far from his quiet country home near a Christmas tree farm to the center of a very big city full of excitement. Hugzbie learns the meaning of friendship and most of all a deep appreciation for his own dear family.

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About the Story
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Stay in Touch!

All proceeds go to St Jude's Children's Hospital.

The book can be purchased from Book Baby at this website.

The soft covers are also available for purchase on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Powell's Books, Walmart, Target, Books-A- Million and more! If you are interested in a limited edition hard cover copy, please send us a message below.

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My name is Mary Shepherd, I have worked with children almost my whole life. From babysitting, to nursing school and then straight to the pediatric intensive care unit in 1981 as an RN at age 19. I loved every minute caring for children. I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1999 and went through surgery and  chemotherapy and continued to work. I decided to stop work in 2004 to be home with my children with plans to go back; however, God had a different plan for me. I was diagnosed with stage IV breast cancer in 2006, even with that I had plans to go back to work. As time moved forward, I realized that the ever changing treatment and scans would not allow that to happen. After my children were old enough to fend for themselves I still wanted to make a difference in children’s lives so I decided to write a children's story with proceeds to go to non-profit children’s hospitals. It was the perfect solution, I could work on it during days I felt good and put it down when I didn’t. It is my deepest hope that the book will bring a smile to the children's faces and the proceeds will continue to help support children’s hospitals.

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About the Author

Update: Mary passed away June 2019. She had finished writing the story; however, the illustrations were not yet completed. Mary's family worked with the illustrator and publisher to have the illustrations finished and the book published in time for Christmas. Although Mary will not be able to see the final book in person, we know that she is looking at it from heaven and would very much like what she sees.

About the Author

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